Thrive Monday Sessions

Every Monday, Thrive along with Onetrust, run a social and therapeutic gardening programme at Naturecope. The group is now full with six regular gardeners who attend the sessions run by Thrive Horticultural Therapist, Bella.

It’s a great space for the programme with a large indoor area, garden, pond & small glasshouse. Over the past few months the group have been busy mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes, making giant plant labels & maintaining the small garden, as well as working hard on the fruit & veg patch. They’ve planted spinach, mulched the broad beans with homemade compost and are now enjoying harvesting the last of the winter lettuce. The garden attracts all sorts of wildlife, which the gardeners work hard to encourage, lately this has involved planting up the woodland area. With the warmer months soon approaching the group are looking forward to reaping the rewards of their efforts in the sunshine.

Onions Garlic Broad Beans