This week at the Nature Centre:



Thrive Charity – Weekly

10am to 4pm – Thrive is the leading charity in the UK that uses gardening to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are living with disabilities or ill health, or are isolates, disadvantages or vulnerable. See Nature and Ecology page for further details.

MAC Wandsworth Park Management Advisory Committee (for elected members only)

7pm to 9pm: 15 May, 19 June*, 18 Sept, 20 Nov

*APM Meetings – open to the general public


Yoga: 18th April – 23rd May

9.30 to 10.45am (Intermediate) – £12 drop in/£50 for 5 sessions.  Book online at:

Buzzaround Toddler Playgroup – Term time: 18th April – 23rd May

11am to 1pm – £4 per session. Drop-in session. Email

Ninja Kids – Term time : 18th April – 23rd May

4pm to 6pm – To book email or call 07860 343075

Face Yoga Workshop – T.B.C

7.30 to 9.30pm – £30



SWFit Mums – Term time: 26th April – 24th May

9.30am to 10.30am – To book call Jill 07879 817677 or email

Pilates – Term time: 19th April – 24th May

13.00 to 14.00pm (beginners) – £12 drop in/£50 for 5 sessions.  Book online at:


Adult Drawing – Term time: 20th April – 25th May

9.30am to 12.30am – To book email or call 07775 781332
Adult Drawing Blog –

Jazzabyebabies – Term time: 4th – 25th May

15.00am to 16.00am – Book at:

Adult Drawing Blog –


Groundwork Term time (school bookings)

9am to 4pm – Groundwork want to see a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper. See Schools Programme page for full details.


Saturday Club – Term time: 22nd April – 27th May

9.30am to 1.00pm – To book email or call 07775 781332

Available for private hire in the afternoon/evening.  Information Email enquiries to


Yoga and Raw Food Workshops T.B.C

10am to 4pm – Book at

One  Day Yoga Workshop – T.B.C

10am to 4pm – To Book, Contact:

Available for private hire.  Information  Email enquiries to


Active Art Children’s Workshops – Summer Workshops: 18th – 21st April, 25th – 28th April, 1st – 4th Aug, 8th – 11th Aug 

Groups 3 – 6yrs & 7 – 11yrs – Full & Half Day Sessions

For full details and to book at place call Amanda on: 07775781332, email:

Available for private hire. Email enquiries to